Monday, May 11, 2009

Madison Drives a Train

Madison and I in the engineer's chair of UP 4971 during our recent camping trip to the Feather River Canyon:

During our recent trip to the Feather River canyon, we spent a night at Pulga.  Early in the morning a Westbound train that was stopping for a meet stopped right by our truck!  We took a walk over to wave to the crew and to our delight they invited us on board.  As it was early in the morning I was holding my cup of coffee and didn't have have a camera with me, but the engineer had his . . .

The very friendly engineer and conductor let us climb aboard for a short minute and even let Madison honk the horn.  She didn't really get to drive the train, but it was very exciting none the less.  She even got a farewell gift from these two great guys - a UPRR standard issue yellow lantern.

It was the highlight of our trip!


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