Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Little Turkeys on Turkey Day

I am the luckiest Dad in the world.
I mean come on, look at them . . .
What more could I ask for!?

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A New Set of Wheels

Here's a picture of my cool ride. I took it today and thought I'd share it. A little smaller than my last set of wheels, but oh well, that's how life goes ;-).

And just for fun here's a video I made many years ago when I used to go racing. Make sure you buckle up before watching it!


Saturday, November 24, 2007

A New Cell Phone

I just got the new Sprint Mogul. I got it from someone on CraigsList. It was less than half of what Sprint wanted, and I didn't have to sign any new contract!

I'm going to be consolidating down to one phone soon since I don't have any need for two numbers any more. It will be nice not having to cart all that hardware around.


Saturday, November 10, 2007

It's snowing in Alaska

(I took this picture of the lot we purchased near Houston Alaska)
It snowed about two inches today. I love the snow. It's a novelty to me. As I'm watching it come down I'm facenated at how big the snowflakes are. I've never seen snowflakes this big before. Charlie and Dee don't like the snow nearly as much as I do. This is one of the first heavy snowfalls fo the season. Usually this late in November, there is a couple feet on the ground. There wasn't much when I got here. It'll be a white world before I leave.
The trip has been productive. I've gotten everything done that I needed to, and most of what I wanted to. I'll be coming home tomorrow night. Back to screaming baby land. Nicole will be glad to have me back.

(I heard this train coming and ran across the street to take a picture before

going into the Wasilla Family restaurant to eat breakfast)